The Mattwolf (mattwolf) wrote in channel_net,
The Mattwolf

Gloom defense

This channel has been awfully quiet lately, and I think I know why. I've talked it over with a few other sensitives and I came up with something that really helps with that depressed feeling that we'd all been having as of late. I waited about a week to make sure there weren't any other effects, so it should be safe th share with you all.

I believe that we're picking up on a lot of the grief the world is feeling right now. It's damned think right now, and it was clogging up everything in my life (including my creativity, which makes writing a book rather difficult ;) ) Viewing this negative mass as grief, I used the principles of Akido and turned its energy to my advantage. I looked at the bad things in my life and viewed them critically. The things that were easy to deal with were done, and the things that were too big for me to handle were ignored. I then thought of the four stages that they speak of in therapy: Denial, Anger, Negotiation and Acceptance. I thought about how Acceptance felt, then wove that feeling into a hat and popped it onto my head. Lo and behold, the rest of the world's grief was no longer on my shoulders!Don't worry, this doesn't block out everything, it's just a protection against that nasty miasma that's filling the globe.
Be warned, each of the other sensitives who tried this, including myself, experienced a day or two of cold-like symptoms.
Hope this helps!
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