OrbWeaver (joansies) wrote in channel_net,

Bluebird of happiness

My boyfriend's living situation is chaotic.  The household always feels as if an argument is just about to start.  The people living in the house are my boyfriend (27) his mom (42) his little sister (8) his mom's boyfriend (we'll call him MB - 44?) and MB's daughter (23).  Sometimes MB's other two children (18 and 16) come and stay.  Now my boyfriend used to date MB's daughter.  MB is highly passive/aggressive, my boyfriend's mother is never happy, and of course, my boyfriend's ex is miserable, and is the expert architect of her own destruction (but of course, this is everyone else's fault but her own.)  And stuck in the middle of all of this is the poor 8 year old. 

I hate coming to this house.  I hate the air of hostility and the constant feeling of tension.  I am there currently, because my boyfriend and I are going to see Dream Theater tomorrow.  Since I"ve been here by myself today, I made myself useful and bought groceries, and stayed out of MB's daughter's way.  After lunch I decided "Let's see if I can cleanse this house."  Then I rethought that and said "No, instead I will make the young girl's room feel like a safe place."

So that's what I did.  I walked into the middle of her bedroom, stood still, closed my eyes, and invisioned a white light radiating from me, to saturate the room.  I thought of peace, harmony, tranquility, safety, love, warmth, etc...all good things that a little girl should be feeling, especially when she is at home.  Also, she sleeps there, so she deserves a good, restful sleep.   Recently she has been sleepwalking, and all of her sleepwalking episodes are due to nightmares, which I'm sure are a product of the tension produced in this house.  

So as I'm thinking positive things, and putting out white light and positive energy, a little bluebird flits into my periferal vision and perches on her dresser.  And he sings.  So I asked him if he would stay and offer love when she feels lonely, safety when she feels scared, temperance when she feels angry, and he agreed (once again in song.)    He continued to flit about from perch to perch, watching me and singing, and finally, when I felt the tension leave my body, I knew I had done what I had set out to achieve.  I put up a permeable barricade as I left the room - good energy can enter, but bad energy is unable to do so.  If someone with negative energy enters her room, it will (hopefully) dissipate.

So now my boyfriend's little sister has a safe haven, and a little companion.  I don't know if she'll ever see him herself or not, but I know he's there.  However, if everyone else would be willing to send good vibes her way, it would be much appreciated. :)

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