The Mattwolf (mattwolf) wrote in channel_net,
The Mattwolf

A warning

This is gonna sound pretty weird, but it happened and I think you should all be warned about it, just in case they try again.

I use a lot of energy. A LOT. I have a ward that surrounds about an acre of land and I am constantly draining my wife's considerable pain. It's a lot of work but it's been exceptional training! Anyways, this is what happened to me today:

I got home from work and was fine for a while, but then I got really tired. I went to bed, and had a lot of trouble waking up. When I tried to drain my wife's pain it was like trying to push a glacier up a rope! Concerned, I went back to bed and began to probe my dreams. Through my dream I found...I guess a 'hole' is the best the dimensions around me. It was then that I was contacted by the ones who made the hole. They looked like upside down, square-shaped U's with little square wings on their backs. I doubt that they really looked like that but that's how my mind interpreted them. It seems they needed my energy to help them in their fight against other beings in their dimension (which looked kind of like potatoes).

Here's where the ethical dilemna began: Which 'side' was the right one to support? After all, they U dudes had been syphoning me without permission, but the potato guys weren't doing much to support their case either. Besides, without an untainted history of the conflict I could end up helping the forces of evil! Overly dramatic, I know, but that's how I think. So I did the only option left open to one such as me who believes in justice-tempered-with-mercy: I syphoned both sides until everyone involved had the equivalent of 1 Hit Point remaining. It was exceedingly difficult to be so exact but I didn't want to cause them any true harm. I then told them all that they should try this great idea called 'talking', since they're out of fighting ability. I sealed the hole, woke up and immediately warded against that type of intrusion. I used their own energy to do it, further proof that irony runs the universe.

Anyways, that's what happened. I know it sounds like a dream, but it wasn't. My warning is this: The little buggars might try again with someone else, especially since they're low on energy. Their 'holes' come in on subconscious levels so guard your dreams as best you can!
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